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No matter if your shipment is LCL (Less than a full Container Load) or 500 FCL (Full Container Loads), we will be delighted to quote you for shipment.  One of the cheapest ways to ship goods oversea's is to use an LCL forwarder such as Airsupply.   LCL is a term used to describe consolidated shipping using a shared container, this is also referred to as 'Groupage Shipping'.  The container load is shared with other customers who are sending goods to the same (or quite close) destinations.  On arrival at the handling destination the shipment is separated out and then delivered to their respective final addresses.

We also act as a local forwarder for our overseas shipping partners and collect containers from sea ports (or rail hubs) and deliver them directly to an endpoint address, or bring them into our warehouse for LCL shipment separation.  Once separated the goods are then consigned to their final local address using our own, or customer arranged transport.

Shipping via container is very efficient these days and all goods in transit can be tracked.  Obviously more time is involved but even for very distant locations involving a long sea journey the total time would be around 4-6 weeks. The upside is that goods get to their destination at a fraction of the cost of air cargo.

Container Stuffing (or de-stuffing) & Freight Forwarding