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Cross Trade

Container ship
Cross Trade (Shipment of goods from one country to any other country)

It is staggering to appreciate the massive volume of goods at any one time being shipped in containers on the high seas. The Maersk Line for example, has recently launched the world's largest ship that can carry 18,000 20 foot containers!

These days getting goods from one world location to another is easier than it used to be, but it is still a very complicated process. What's required is a reliable network of logistics partners around the world to make things happen to an agreed plan. These partners have to be paid, provide confirmation of what they're going to do and when and also provide feedback on request as to job status.

Cross Trade shipping is all about local knowledge in far away ports and multimodal transport to get goods to a specific location at a specific time. Our network of agents enables us to offer Cross Trade services but there are limitations; contact us and tell us what you want to transport from one point to another and we'll offer a quotation if we can guarantee a reliable shipment.

  • Shipment of goods from one country to another
  • LCL or FCL Shipments
  • Multimodal Transport
  • Localised Container Stuffing
  • Cost Efficient Cargo Handling

Cross Trade Shipping Service