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Export Documentation

Clear & Concise Export Documentation

The correct export documentation is essential because innaccurate (or missing) paperwork can cause delays and may lead to higher shipping costs.  When shipping to countries whose native language is not English it is important to use the correct International Commercial Terms (Incoterms).  We have listed out the the current eleven ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) terms on our Incoterms page to give you an overview of the meaning of these terms but please note, this is not a definitive guide.

When goods are shipped internationally there needs to be a very clear understanding between the sending and receiving parties about who is responsible for such things as duties and taxes (VAT is not covered by Incoterms and VAT responsibility must be separately specified), insurance cover and transport payment for every leg of the journey.

When we negotiate a Freight Forwarding contract we fully discuss shipping arrangements in order to agree the correct Incoterms which will be used for the export movement.  Before a forwarding agreement can be reached, both the sending and recieving parties must acknowledge the proposed terms and confirm their acceptance.

Depending upon the nature of the goods being exported an Export License may be required. If goods are being exported from the UK to a non-EU country then any such shipment must be declared to HMRC. We will be happy to assist with all arrangements as required so please do contact us for details.

Export Documentation & Freight Forwarding