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Freight Forwarding Insurance

Airsupply Freight Forwarding Insurance

When using our Freight Forwarding services it is vital that customers understand our insurance obligations and the nature of the cover we offer whilst goods are in our care. We have liability insurance that covers us, and our sub-contractors for any negligence that might occur during the transport of goods under our care. In addition we can offer Marine Insurance (subject to an additional fee) which covers the shipment of goods BUT WITH LIMITED LIABILITY. This means that if goods are lost, or damaged then you (as our customer) are entitled to submit a claim for compensation up the extent of our limited liability. If you require additional protection then you (as the sender) or the receiving party, need to take out additional insurance.

When getting a Freight Forwarding quote is obviously important to ask the questions regarding insurance so the you fully understand what recompense you would have should something go wrong. We will always detail the extent of the cover provided by our insurance on our quotations. If anything is unclear PLEASE ASK!

  • Public and Employers Liability
  • Freight Forwarding Liability
  • Marine Insurance (goods in transit by air/road/rail/sea)

International Shipping by Road, Sea, Rail or Air